Construction Safety Week Training, 2022
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Construction Safety Week Training, 2022


Safety will always be a core value at Fickling Construction.

We believe it is our duty to educate our construction workforce so they can perform their jobs safely. In Florida alone, there are over 300 work-related fatalities each year. Fickling is dedicated to reduce these numbers and we recognize that a safe environment is of paramount importance and believe the health and safety of all our associates and visitors is critical to the success of our business.


Fickling’s Safety Mission Statement:

Our Safety program is established to assist in safety efforts that will help reduce and eliminate the potential for injuries, illnesses, and property loss through the involvement of all individuals with regard to education, communication, and safe work practices.


The health and safety of our associates is a top priority.

We believe it is critical that we do our part to identify job hazards and risks while ensuring that all workers are well-equipped and educated to safely complete their tasks. Furthermore, maintaining awareness and open communication around mental health is crucial.

To confront these issues head on, Fickling Construction held a company-wide safety training event last week led by our Safety Coordinator, David Bidot. A total of 145 associates participated in trainings such as Ladder Safety Training, Personal Fall Arrest Systems, Forklift Operator Training and more. The event provided both quality training to our associates and a platform to discuss these critical issues.

Additional topics covered included:

  • Hazard identification, assessment, prevention, and control
  • The safety repercussions of not feeling good at work
  • The importance a safety committee
  • What it means to lead by example

As industry leaders, it is our responsibility to foster ongoing advancement of occupational safety and physical/mental health. We would like to thank all those who came out and participated in this educational event!

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