Employee Spotlight: Introducing Juliet Abril, Human Resources Generalist at Fickling
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Employee Spotlight: Introducing Juliet Abril, Human Resources Generalist at Fickling

We are back with another feature in our Employee Spotlight series, where we celebrate the diverse talents that make Fickling Construction the remarkable company that it is. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Juliet Abril, our dynamic Human Resources Generalist.

The Role She Plays

Juliet has been with us for nearly four months and serves as a Human Resources Generalist. Her job is a multifaceted one that includes responsibilities such as recruitment, employee onboarding, performance management, and benefits administration, to name a few. She also works towards fostering a healthy work environment that aligns with the company’s goals, values, and regulations.

What Drew Her to Fickling Construction

When asked about her decision to join Fickling Construction, Juliet cited the company’s strong reputation and commitment as the key factors. Though she has been here for a relatively short period, she has already begun to make a significant impact.

Leading the Charge: Significant Accomplishments

One of Juliet’s noteworthy accomplishments was leading her first Annual Safety Meeting, as well as introductory Aflac and 401k sessions for the staff. She states, “This opportunity filled me with joy, valuable insights, and lessons.” It is clear that Juliet not only values her role in the company but also relishes the chance to learn and grow.

“It’s rare to come across companies that are willing to take a leap of faith and hire someone without prior experience. This is how I perceive and appreciate that the company sees the potential in doing so.”

Juliet on the Company’s Support and Her Professional Growth

Juliet elaborates on her experience by saying, “During my time at the company, one aspect that stands out to me and that I truly value is the company’s commitment to providing support to its employees.” This is especially meaningful to her as she is not just new to Fickling and the construction industry, but also to the field of Human Resources.

Beyond the Office: Life Outside Work

Outside of her professional commitments, Juliet is deeply passionate about spending quality time with her family. Whether it’s enjoying a movie night, indulging in a delicious acai bowl, cooking together, or embarking on exciting travel adventures, she cherishes these moments for the deeper connections they foster and the fresh perspectives they bring.

Wrapping Up

Juliet Abril’s enthusiasm, commitment, and fresh perspective have already begun to leave a sigificant mark on our company culture. We’re excited to have her on our team and look forward to the wonderful contributions she will undoubtedly continue to make. Welcome to the team, Juliet!

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