2022 First Coast Heart Walk
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2022 First Coast Heart Walk


About the Cause

On September 10th, the American Heart Association is leading a very special community event to raise funds for lifesaving science. By taking part in the First Coast Heart Walk, you will be providing long-term and impactful assistance to others. These funds will be utilized to save the lives of adults with heart disease and children with congenital heart abnormalities. They will be used to train thousands of people in life-saving CPR. Finally, they will be used to support development in heart and stroke medicine. At the heart walk, you have the opportunity to advocate for health and wellness and guarantee that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare. Therefore, kindly check with your family to make sure you can attend this event and show your support for these heroes. Let’s make it a special one! Join forces with your friends and neighbors and help us in advocating for a world where people live longer, healthier lives.


About the Walk

Health, both physical and emotional, has never been more crucial than it is right now! Participating in the First Coast Heart Walk is a terrific opportunity to strengthen them both while also having a positive influence on your neighborhood and saving lives. Join us on September 10th at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds. At 8 am, there will be an opening ceremony. The walk will then begin at 9:30 at 510 Fairground Place, Jacksonville, FL 32202. Wear some comfortable exercise clothes and get ready for a great time! This event is free for all. Please don’t hesitate to invite as many friends and family members as you can! But, do make sure to register using this link by August 5th. First Coast Heart Walk aims to bring people together, get their blood flowing, pay tribute to survivors, raise money for life-saving research, and have fun while doing it. Come out and be part of this important cause!

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